Cold Box Type Core Shooters

Cold Box Type Core Shooter, Cold Box Type Core Shooters, Manufacturer, Kolhapur, India

We carry different types of Cold Box Type Core Shooter to fulfill the varied needs of our clients. It is widely used in the Foundry industry. We also custom manufacture it according to the guidelines of our customers. The machine possesses unique attributes such as:

  • Air Drier Unit
  • Good Core Weight
  • Fast and Simple Operation
  • Rigid Construction
  • High Output
  • Easy Maintenance

Specification :

  • Maximum size of core box vertical parting : 300mm x 500mm x 200mm thick
  • Maximum size of core box horizontal parting : 400mm x 500mm x 200mm thick
  • Maximum core weight : 10 kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg. Sand magazine capacity 50kg, 70kg.
  • Air Consumption : 25cfm, 40cfm, 60cfm.
  • Air Pressure : 5-6 Bar
    Overall Dimensions 2x2.5 x 2.5 Ht in Meters.